Massimo’s Farm

A blessed 2014 to all!!! 🙂

Each one of us bid 2013 goodbye and embraced 2014 in our own way, and I guess for most of us, we celebrated it by sharing good food with family and loved ones. All thoughts of dieting (ha! As if we were ever serious about it anyway!) flew out the window once the holidays came. And even though we’re a couple (or a LOT) of pounds heavier now, it’s all worth it since we got the chance to gain it all with the people we love best.

I’m sure each one of you has a fond food memory created during the holidays. It could be that moment you got your first bite of crispy lechon skin – that CRRRUNCH! Or that moment you went a trip down memory lane as you tasted your Mom’s special dish. Or maybe it’s that unforgettable explosion of chocolate-y goodness when you gobbled up that Rustic Chocolate Torte from Purple Oven. Drooooool. It could be anything!

And as I recall all the good eats we’ve had last year, I can’t help but think fondly of our meal from Massimo’s Farm in Tagaytay.

There are a lot of things I love about that place. The food is really something to write home about, and Chef Hazel Lu-Galvez makes the freshest, best-tasting salads! The chef personalizes every meal, so it’s always something new every time you eat there.

Another thing is that it’s not as congested as the other good restaurants in Tagaytay, so you get to soak in the cool breeze and appreciate nature minus the crowds.



The place is cozy and quirky and playful all at the same time!



We’ve gone there only twice, but I’m pretty sure there will be more visits in the future.

You have to set an appointment when you want to eat there. Chef Hazel will either e-mail or text you the menu she intends for that day. For our recent trip, we had this:

ImageHam and Lentil Soup

I was expecting clear soup, so this creamy broth was a surprise. We both liked it very much.

Image The Salad of Romaine Lettuce with House Vinaigrette has got to be my favorite dish here. It doesn’t look like much, but you will appreciate how the greens were seasoned evenly so each bite tastes just right. The flavors will not overwhelm or underwhelm you. I love that she added more texture by adding the seeds and nuts too. And the bread with hummus on the side was yummy too!

I’m no salad eater like Francis, who gobbles greens like there’s no tomorrow, but Chef Hazel’s salads makes me want to eat nothing but!

ImageWe both chose the US Slow Roasted Angus Beef Belly over her Mediterranean Cod with Rice Pilaf, never mind that we just had steak the night before. The serving was quite generous, and the meat was so soft that chewing was almost unnecessary! Though it was good, I wish I had opted for the fish, just for variety’s sake.

ImageThe meal capped off with Brownie ala Mode, a dessert so simple and assuming but oh-so-delicious! Massimo’s Farm’s gelatos are very light and flavorful.

ImageThey were sweet enough to share fresh mulberries from their garden too!

If you’re curious about our previous menu, here it is:

ImageWe started with Spinach Soup, which whet our appetites for…

ImageThe BEST Caesar Salad I’ve ever had. It didn’t even matter that she had to remove the bacon bits then because we gave up meat during the Holy Week. This salad was perfection itself!

ImagePesce alle Milanese, a fish recipe from Milan which is highlighted by its crispy coating. Chef Hazel studied in Paris and France for quite some time, so her dishes are very evident of her culinary background.

ImageWe also had gelato back then! With carrot cake.

After an extremely satisfying meal, you could take a walk around her garden. Kids would definitely love running around the area, and there’s even a trampoline for them to play with!


Massimo’s Farm is located at J. Toledo Street, 4118 Silang, Cavite.

Text Chef Hazel for reservations at: 0917-5208887 or 0927-8475034.



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