Al Bacio Ristorante Italiano, Angeles City

It feels kind of awkward to eat someplace where there’s no one else eating or hanging out, but Francis and I have found so many gems of restaurants that have this diner-impaired scenarios.

And it’s not because the food isn’t good or the service is lousy. It’s not because the restaurants look like dumps or the prices are unreasonably unreasonable, either. Far from it. You have to wonder why those places aren’t as popular as other restaurants with sub-par food. We can’t understand it ourselves.

I always kid Francis that it seems like we reserved the whole place to ourselves, and I guess that’s how we like to look at it. A more special date for us.

One such special date is in this cozy restaurant in Angeles City – Al Bacio.

ImageThe place was empty, save for us and the waiter.

ImageIt’s actually an ideal date place, don’t you think?

ImageMakes you want to indulge in romantic fantasies! Like you’re in a movie set and the mafia will suddenly barge in and go on a shooting rampage because of your date. He he he! Kidding! 🙂

ImageThe GODFATHER!!! Don’t let that smile fool you! He’s RUTHLESS!!!


ImageAl Bacio has one of the yummiest complimentary breads we’ve ever tasted. Even though we ordered a lot, we can’t help ourselves from eating a piece, then another, then another…

The Caesar Salad was good too! No problem finishing off this starter!

ImageThe delicious complimentary bread was already a prologue to how amazing the pizza will be. And so it was no surprise how this Quattro Formaggi Pizza blew our minds and more!

It was simply incredible! They didn’t scrimp on the cheese and the crust was perfection!

And unlike other pizzas, even after it got cold, it was still delicious. I should know – I was still gobbling this thing up then.

ImageThe Spinach Ravioli cooked in butter and garlic was just okay for us.

ImageWe preferred thieir Homemade Pasta with Prawns in Mushroom Sauce. Creamy and flavorful, and the pasta was cooked so well too!

ImageNaturally, after all that garlic, we needed some of these Sencha Natural Green Tea Mints, bought from one of my favorite online stores, Taste Central!

Check out the Chinese proverb and words of wisdom by Lao Tzu.


Al Bacio Ristorante Italiano is located at 442-21st St., Josefa Subd. Malabanias, Angeles City.

Telephone: (63)45 892 0252


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