Twist Comfort Food + Difference

Just when you think that the Tomas Morato, Quezon City food scene has been saturated, up comes this new restaurant called Twist which brought eager diners a new feast for the eyes and mouth.

 ImageThe place looks cozy, the food tastes great, and the service is excellent. I’m sure this will be one of the new favorite hang-outs of couples and friends alike.

It’s hidden in the second floor of the building right beside Il Terrazzo. There’s several other restaurants there, too. We have yet to try the others, but we’ve already developed a soft spot for Twist.

ImageTheir trademark placemats has Paris written all over it.

When people ask about the food from Twist, I guess the best description would be fusion comfort food. There’s a mixture of Filipino, Italian, American, and French all over their menu.

ImageThey have the French Onion Soup

Image…and Seafood Caesar Salad

Other appetizers which looked good but we didn’t order were the Chorizo Sliders and the Twist Croque Madame.

Image Hands down our favorite was their 1000 Ways to All-Day Breakfast. It’s served with garlic brown rice and two eggs cooked to your liking, plus your drink of choice – either apple or orange juice, coffee, or tea. Then you could choose three of either USDA Beef Sukiyaki Tapa, Honeycured Porkloin Tocino, Maple Beef Belly Bacon, English Corned Beef, Limepeel Tinapa, Naked Longganiza, or Airdried Seafood Bounty.

We had the bacon, corned beef, and tapa that night. The bacon was crunchy and sweet and oh-so-delicious! The corned beef and tapa were really good too, and despite their HUGE servings, we couldn’t get enough of this.

ImageSee what I mean about the servings being HUGE? Their Herb-Grilled Pork Chops is one of those dishes good for sharing. Although a friend of mine found it a bit hard, we liked it anyway.

ImageAnother crowd favorite is the Artisanal Cheese Macaroni, which everybody finished off happily.

ImageThey gave us generous servings of their Filipino-Style Tulingan, too.

ImageWe couldn’t resist ordering a side of Truffle Fries. We didn’t taste the truffle much; in fact, it was coated heavily in cheese. But it was good nonetheless.

Dessert is not something to be missed here.

ImageThe Tiramisu Chocnut is yummy, but in my opinion the chocnut flavor was overshadowed.

ImageGoat’s Milk Panna Cotta is something I’d like to order again and again. Light and not sweet, it’s a refreshing dessert to cap off any meal.

ImageFeel like a kid again with the Famous Twist Cookies with Goat’s Milk. They have Speculoos, Kimchi Nutella, matcha blanco, honey walnut oats, triple xocolat, and lemon peel cheesecake cookies. It’s served hot with the flavors oozing out of the cookies.

ImageThe Twist Coffee is an Italian blend, with hints of Benguet and barako. It’s a fun sight to see.

ImageImageWe’re so happy to have tried out Twist, and I thank my cousin Sarah for making this recommendation. We’ll be back for more good food!


Twist Comfort Food + Difference is located at 2/F Pos Building, Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Madriñan Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.


100 Revolving Restaurant

We literally had very high expectations for 100 Revolving Restaurant, probably the only revolving restaurant in the country. Newspaper writers and food bloggers have been raving about its French food and ambiance, and we figured that a lot of careful thought and preparation have certainly gone into both.

Since the restaurant is located near Eastwood mall, we window shopped a bit first to build up an appetite. But we (or okay, it was I for the most part) were just too excited and went up the 33rd floor of the MDC Building an hour ahead of our reservation schedule.

There were a couple of diners there at 6 p.m., with a huge group seated at the non-revolving area. They only turned on the revolving area when we got there. It was fun, at first. Like a kid, your eyes will automatically grow wide in amazement, and you will smile to your date as you say, “We’re moving! We’re really moving!”

At least, that’s how it was for us. He he he!

But then, you start to feel every single jerk. When the waiters come to get your orders and serve your food, you feel their footsteps. The movement of the revolving restaurant isn’t smooth.

ImageHere’s Francis still enjoying the sensation of the revolving restaurant. The photo’s blurry, not because the photographer’s pasmado, but because of the movement of the restaurant.

ImageSee? Even the photo taken of us is somewhat blurry!

Anyway, the wait staff of 100 Revolving Restaurant are really very warm and attentive. No sooner after we ordered that they served us water and fresh bread.

ImageComplimentary bread served with their special sauce.

ImageFirst up is their French Onion Soup. It really set the right mood for the next few dishes. We asked them to serve their bestsellers, with one exception.

ImageThey highly recommended the Seared Tuna Salad, which was very light and fresh. It had roasted nuts, nori strips, and parmesan flakes, all coated generously in wasabi vinaigrette.

ImageI had high hopes for the Chilean Sea Bass with Goose Liver, but I think I expected too much. Though it’s really good, it fell short of what I had in mind for the restaurant.

ImageFrancis ordered the Braised Pork Belly. They had him at the “nuts” description. I try to avoid making criticisms, but for the price of this dish, it is totally not worth it.

ImageFinally, the Pasta ala Jessie, a dish with prawns, scallops, and sun-dried tomatoes. Just okay.

Actually, that sums up our whole 100 Revolving Restaurant experience – just okay. The special, romantic ambiance is already there, and with that setting, you just expect to be blown away by the food as well. But we were not. And everything is so pricey, to boot.

But maybe we are alone in our thoughts, because everybody else seemed to enjoy their 100 Revolving Restaurant experience. If you decide to eat there, or have eaten there already, let us know your thoughts!


100 Revolving Restaurant is located at the 33rd Floor, MDC Building, C-5 corner Eastwood Drive, Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

Telephone: (02) 9621016